90% of the information that is sent to the brain is visual. This information leads our thoughts, which then leads our decisions. 
I am Santiago Castro, CEO of Optic Element and our vision is to Strategically enhance brands using the power of visuals to give an unfair competitive advantage.
In a society driven by technology and social media, 
visual representation is no longer geographically bound. 
Your brand impression has the ability to impact and influence all over the world through a smart phone. Your presence on social media platforms has never mattered more than ever. 
Everyone and their grandma is on the internet but this amazing evolution of technology also presents a challenge; 
how do I stand out? 
We provide a creative edge from video edits to apparel design and everything in-between, with consistency and quality so neither one must be sacrificed. Anything pertaining to a brand’s 
visual experience and representation is our sphere.
Amateurs talk tactics, but professionals study logistics. 
We are Optic Element, where the best of science, strategy and art meet to be leveraged for your growth to stand out in the market place.